Companies with a global HRM orientation


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  Usually provide significant extra pay for expatriate assignments.
  Evaluate their managers by headquarters’ country standards.
  Focus primarily on language training as preparation for expatriate assignments.
  Use similar pay and benefit packages for all international assignments.



Question 2


The main objective of the balance sheet approach to international compensation is


  To match home and host county purchasing power.
  To make sure you reward international managers for their hardship.
  To save costs in inexpensive countries.
  To provide headquarters’ accountants with consistent information on salaries.


Question 3


Companies with a multi-local strategy are most likely to have a


A global HRM orientation.
  A polycentric HRM orientation.
  Either a ethnocentric or regiocentric HRM orientation.
  A geocentric orientation.



Question 4


Home country nationals are

  Expatriate employees who come from the parent’s home country.
  Employees who come from a different country where he/she is working.
  Expatriate employees which come from the parent’s home country.
  Employees from foreign country who work in the country where the host company is located.


Question 5


International Human Resource Management