1.One TQM mistake companies make is believing that the responsibility for quality and elimination of waste lies
with the supplier

  • With the return and repair shop
  • with the supply chain
  • With all employees but top management
  • with top management alone.

2.Which of the following is not attributed to Philip Crosby?

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  • The concept of the quality trilogy
  • The phrase “Do it right the first time.”
    Stressed the idea of prevention of defects
    The notion of zero defects
  • The phrase “Quality is free”


3.The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers named its quality award after ___________________.

  • Genichi Taguchi
  • Kaoru Ishikawa
  • Joe Juran
  • Phillip Crosby
  • W. Edwards Deming

4.The Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria category that includes continuous improvement programs, employee training, and functioning of teams is

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Information and analysis
  • Human resource development and management
  • Business results


5.Increases in international trade during the 1980s created a need for the development of ____________ standards of quality.

  • Universal
  • Country-specific
  • Lower
  • metric