Marketing Opportunities

1. Using a suitable methodology (such as gap analysis, market or marketing analysis,

or competitor analysis), identify and decide on two marketing opportunities to focus

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on and investigate further.

In your analysis, consider types of markets and aspects of the marketing mix, such

as distribution, products and types of promotional activities, for example:

a. e-commerce

b. business-to-business marketing

c. direct marketing

d. ideas marketing

e. marketing of goods

f. public sector marketing

g. services marketing

h. telemarketing.

2. Estimate the effect of the two marketing opportunities on the business, for


a. effect on sales volume

b. growth

c. market share

d. profitability.

3. Use numerical analysis or statistical methods to forecast effects. For example, use

the least squares method to estimate demand. Use estimated demand to calculate

effect on sales and profitability.

4. Explore and develop entrepreneurial, innovative or creative options (one for each

opportunity) to apply the marketing opportunities in the context of the organisation.

For example, if you identify an e-commerce opportunity, determine how to apply the

e-commerce opportunity to the organisation including aspects such as media, web-

design to appeal to target markets, integration with existing operations, marketing

strategy and overall strategic directions.