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NRSG259 Extended care planning homework


1. The first four steps of the Clinical Reasoning cycle Consideree Functional Consequences Theory are used to identify the nursing care priorities. This is the first step of the clinical reasoning cycle. The nurse gains an initial impression of the client’s situation.

2. Collect cues/information. Review the information, collect new information, and recall information.

3. Identify problems/issues. Synthesize all information to identify the most important patient issues or problems. This assignment requires you to identify only three (3) issues.

A literature search can be done on the client’s problems to find appropriate nursing diagnoses. Here’s an example of a nursing diagnosis for COPD.



A severe or delimiting illness can have a devastating effect on the patient’s lifestyle, and affect their ability to function. For patients with nerve damage-causing diseases, however, the consequences are far worse (Dendrou Fugger & Friede, 2015). Research suggests that elderly patients with co-morbid conditions should be given care that is patient-centered and personalized. The clinical reasoning cycle is a powerful framework that nurses use to address every care need. It allows them to prioritize care, deliver care, and reflect on the process so that they can provide safe, effective, and personalized care for each patient (Levett Jones, 2013). This essay will use the clinical reasoning cycle to address the care priorities of the patient. It is guided by the Miller functional framework and Dinh Nguyen’s case study. Continue reading

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