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You are likely to be pursuing sub-disciplines within behavioral or social sciences. This means you will need to know how to use APA referencing. You can use our APA citation generator tool to create citations in the ‘author date’ style. Platinum Homework.com offers an APA referencing generator writing services that will help you create bibliographies and lists in just a few clicks. The APA format has many rules so it’s normal to forget some of them. Our free APA referencing generator writing services is here to help. The best part? The tool can be used to generate APA references online in the 6th or 7th edition format. Continue reading to find out more about APA formatting and our APA generator.

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Platinum Homework.com APA referencing tool has been created with perfection in mind. Our APA reference generator writing services was created by some of the most talented referencing app developers. The tool also draws on valuable insights from academicians and educators in the fields of behavioral and social sciences. It also has an integrated library of algorithms to ensure that the results conform to the APA format guidelines.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you use our APA6th referencing tool:

  • 100% accuracy

The APA referencing guide lists all rules that were followed when building our tool. You can rest assured that your APA-style bibliography will have the correct capitalizations and dates.

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To build the APA referencing engine, we used extremely fast and smooth codes. Our tool saves you time and allow you to create references from scratch in just a few seconds.

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The interface of our APA referencing generator writing services is simple so you can easily create in-text citations. Our Platinum Homework free APA referencing website will provide you with instant results if you don’t know what APA referencing is.

What is APA Referencing? Find out the latest editions

American Psychological Association (APA) created the APA format style. This style guide was created to make it easier for people to understand papers related to social and behavioral sciences. The APA Publication Manual makes it easy for you to find sources and reduce biases in language.

The APA referencing system can split into two parts: in-text citations at the beginning and the list of references at end. In-text citations in APA format follow the “author-date” style. This means that the author’s name and year of publication are included within the first brackets. You must also include page, chapter, or section numbers when creating a reference.

Currently, scholars are using the APA 6th or 7th editions when creating references. Our Platinum Homework APA referencing generator writing services will help you get faster results if you are unable to keep track of all the changing rules.

Updated APA Referencing Guidelines For 6th & 7th Edition

The APA style guidelines can be modified from time to time. Currently, the APA 7th Edition is being used. These are the differences between the other editions and the APA 6th or 7th edition referencing:

  • You must include the name and surname of the first author when creating citations to a source that has three or more authors.
  • You can include up to 20 names in the reference list for the APA document.
  • You must add an (…) after each 20-author author, and then put the last author’s name at the end of the APA formatting.
  • As per the latest editions of the APA referencing guides, you no longer need to mention the publication place in the references.
  • After the volume number, you must include the issue number in parentheses.
  • Follow this format to mention a DOI: https://doi.org/xxxxx.
  • Before referring to a URL, you must include the “Retrieved From” part.

Our APA 6th style referencing generator writing services will provide accurate results if you feel overwhelmed by the many small but significant changes. Our APA 6th ed referencing generator works faster than a fidget spinning machine. Our archives contain APA in-text and referencing samples.

APA Citation Guidelines: A Overview

The APA format allows you to reference in two ways: author-date citations and a bibliography. This is how to write APA citations.

  • Basics of APA In-text Citations

APA is unique in that you can include short narrative and parenthetical citations within your text. As per the APA 6th or 7th editions, you can only mention the author’s name and the publication year in parenthesis. It doesn’t stop there. Also, you will need to create a source entry with all the details from the reference list.

Here’s how an APA intext citation should look (Brown & Charlie 2019, 2019).

  • References to the basics of APA

After you have briefly cited the source in your text, you will need to include detailed bibliographic information about each source in the reference list. Every entry should be made in accordance with the superscript number for the footnotes or endnotes.

If you are muddled about the basic tenets of the APA citation style, you can use the APA citation generator of Platinum Homework.com. You can also use the guide below to learn how to create a bibliography and footnotes according to the APA-style referencing system.

How to Create and Format References in the APA Style

Find out why an APA format is necessary and what the basics are.

The long list of rules in the APA guideline manual makes it difficult to use the APA referencing style. Even if you are able to use our instant APA reference generator to quickly spin results, it is important that you understand the basic principles of the APA referencing format.

These are the most important elements to remember when creating in-text and formatted references.

For An APA Bibliography

  • Place the word Bibliography on the top of the first page. Center it.
  • Left align the entries
  • After making each entry, make a one inch indentation.
  • Between two entries, use a single space and a blank line.
  • Instead of repeating the author’s name after the first, use a 3mm dash to cite multiple works.
  • Use a 12-pt font with a 2.0-point font. Use spacing when writing on the paper.
  • By aligning the text in middle, make sure to mention your name as well as school under the heading.
  • In the upper right corner, number the pages.

For APA Intext Citations

Each APA footnote must have a superscript number that corresponds with the source details. Make sure you include page numbers in your citations. Instead of numbering every source on different pages with 1, start with 1 and go on throughout the paper.

Yes, we get it! It can be difficult to follow the APA style formatting guidelines. All you have to do is learn the basics. Our Platinum Homework APA referencing generator writing services can be used to create references. Our APA citation generator tool will make it easy to create references in no time.