Argumentative Homework Outline

An argumentative Homework has an outline that contains short phrases that summarize each point. The body of the essay is divided into three paragraphs that present arguments on different aspects of the topic. Below is a sample of an argumentative essay about the topic “The internet’s effect on education” that was created by our 5000+ Ph.D.-qualified experts.

I. Introduction

A. Internet is important

a. Internet Use: Some Considerations

Statement by b. Thesis: The Internet is a net positive

II. II. The negative effects of the internet upon attention

Distraction from the classroom using smartphones

i. Data exploration and its effects

ii. It is an overemphasized concept, according to analysis

A. Reading is a restless activity

i. Reading levels of students with time

ii. The data’s questionability


Various media engaging different learners

i. Video media

ii. Communicative media

A. Accessibility to independent research

i. Online research’s simplicity and speed

IV. IV. Questions about reliability

V. V. Students’ Wikipedia use

Wikipedia’s Negatives

i. Evidence of ubiquity

ii. Claims discouraging academic writing engagement

Wikipedia has positive effects

i. There is evidence to support Wikipedia’s warning that students should not cite it

ii. Argument for introducing students to the citation

VI. VI. Conclusion

Summary of the key points

a. Digital education is a valuable tool for students

b. You need to be optimistic in order to take advantage of the internet’s benefits

Expository Homework Outline

Expository essays should have concise phrases and each point must be explained in complete sentences. The expository Homework template is explained by our experts here. It’s about the impact of printing presses on politics and life in Europe.

I. Introduction

A. Testifying that printing presses mark the end of the Middle Ages.

a. The low literacy levels before the printing press are a background.

b. The thesis statement: The invention of the printing press increased the circulation of information throughout Europe, opening the way to the Reformation.

II. II. Situation before the printing press

The high levels of illiteracy in medieval Europe.

a. Explain how literacy was primarily the discipline of religious or political elites.

b. Indicate the reasons it discourages political and spiritual changes.


Johannes Gutenberg coined the printing press’s name in 1440.

a. The new technology is used in book production.

b. Rapid spread of technology, and the printing of Gutenberg Bible.

c. Link to Reformation.

IV. IV. Influence of the printing press on the Reformation

In the years after the coinage of the printing press, there was a trend to rephrase the Bible into vernacular language.

A. Luther’s self-translation of the Bible during Reformation.

b. The profound effects that the Reformation would have upon politics and spiritualism.

V. V.

Summarize all the historical events.

a. It is important to emphasize the significance of the printing press in relation to these events.

Literary Analysis Homework Outline

A literary analysis describes the themes and aspects of literature. A literary analysis should be broken down into three paragraphs that explore different themes using the examples in the book. This literary analysis, for example, discusses the role of theatre using the examples in the book.

Here’s an outline of a literary analysis essay

I. Introduction

A. Austen’s stagecraft in Austen’s works

a. The theater role in Mansfield Park

b. Austen’s theatrical expression of characters’ morality in Mansfield Park

II. II. The frivolous acting scheme

. Austen’s performance of performance at volume 1

a. Sir Bertram’s reaction on the acting scheme

III. Stage directions

. Details about Austen’s stage direction for dialogue

a. Stage directions were used to demonstrate the characters’ self-absorption.

IV. IV. The practice of morals

. Austen’s story of Maria’s and Julia’s relationship is polite, but not affectionless.

a. The contradiction in Mrs. Norris’s self-conceit as charitable despite being idle

V. Conclusion

Summary of the three themes: Acting scheme, stage directions and performance of morals

a. Answer the research question

b. b.

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