Assessment Unit 5 10 Multiple Choice & 2 Question 200 Words Each

Question 1

The need to understand the different consumer tastes in segmented regional markets and respond to different national standards and regulations imposed by autonomous governments and agencies is termed:

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    National responsiveness.
    Quality administration.
    Strategic quality.
    Global integration.

5 points   

Question 2

A strategic formulation and implementation utilizing strategies of total quality management to meet or exceed customers’ expectations and continuously improve products and services is called?

    An economic strategy.
    A tactical imperative.
    A political imperative.
    A quality imperative.

5 points   

Question 3

Strategic Management is?

    A method to handle tactical issues within the larger community.
    A process to determine the organizations mission, objectives, and goals.
    The process of managing an organization to meet its mission and objectives while meeting some goals within the community.
    The process of determining an organization’s basic mission and long-term objectives, then implementing a plan of action for attaining these goals.

5 points   

Question 4

When you have high National responsiveness and high Global Integration, it is called?

    Global strategy.
    International strategy.
    Transnational strategy.
    Strategic economics.

5 points   


Question 5

A worldwide strategy based on cost leadership, differentiation, and segmentation is called?

    Worldwide economic systems.
    Keynesian economics.
    Economic strategy.
    Economic imperative.

5 points   

Question 6

In a Matrix Structure, the Decision-Making Control is:

    Balanced between the global area and product units.
    Centralized at the product-division headquarters level
    Centralized in the key network nodes with all other decisions being autonomous.

5 points   

Question 7

An agreement that allows one party to use an industrial property right in exchange for payment to the owning party is called?

    An alliance.
    A license.
    A joint venture.
    A quick legal agreement to work in another country.

5 points   

Question 8

Which organizations have the highest pressure for global integration and the highest pressure for local responsiveness:

    Telecommunications and Aerospace.
    Cement and construction.
    Packaged goods and synthetic fibers.
    Grocery stores and discount stores like Walmart.

5 points   







Question 9

When discussing the organizational characteristics of MNCs, there are internal versus external networks. When the managerial dimension has an Emphasis on People, the internal network is __________ while the External Network is __________? (Fill in the Blanks using the multiple choice answers below)

    Clear; more.
    Cooperative; competitive.
    Less; more.
    Clear, ambiguous.

5 points   

Question 10

Exporting and importing can provide easy access to overseas markets; however, this strategy is?

    Transitional in nature.
    A strategic method to gain market share.
    A tactical method to gain supplies and a workforce at a lower cost.
    A quick way to enter a market and gain low cost products.

5 points   

Question 11

In what way do the concepts of formalization, specialization, and centralization have an impact on MNC organization structures? In your answer, use a well-known firm such as IBM or Ford to illustrate the practical expressions of these three characteristics. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.




































25 points   

Question 12

Some international management experts contend that globalization and national responsiveness are diametrically opposed forces, and that to accommodate one, a multinational must relax its efforts in the other. In what way is this an accurate statement? In what way is it incomplete or inaccurate? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.