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Business Research Assignment Paper Topics. Project Topics Ideas

  • What does the US’ foreign policy have to do with international business?
  • Assess the impact of eCommerce culture on international business.
  • Outsourcing assignment writing services are important: Compare its pros and cons.
  • What does Brexit mean for international trade? Talk about statistics.
  • Examine the major changes that UAE companies have made after the implementation of the VAT

Topics for Crime and Law Research Assignment Papers – Project Topics Ideas

  • Analyze the penalty for false confessions at the court of law in the Middle East.
  • Is marijuana legal for recreational use around the globe? Support your arguments with evidence.
  • Is extra-marital affairs a crime that can be punished in court? Discuss.
  • It’s a good moment to update the laws and regulations governing the use of the internet. Use a valid argument to defend your position.
  • Is freedom of expression violated by media censorship? Use concrete examples to discuss.

Drugs and Drug Abuse Research Assignment Paper Topics. Project Topics Ideas

  • Analyze the social and psychological factors that contribute to teenagers’ increased risk of using drugs.
  • Assess the current treatment process for drug addicts.
  • Is “club culture” a factor in the increased risk of drug abuse?
  • Drug abuse and Geniuses: Did they really use drugs to create their masterpieces of art?
  • Steroid use for bodybuilding is also considered drug abuse.

Education Research Paper Topics

  • Analyze the UN’s role in promoting education for all globally.
  • Is it time to reform the Australian education system? – Support your argument with solid data?
  • Comparative analysis of traditional and e-learning.
  • Is homeschooling a better option for students? Discuss.
  • Consider the pros and cons of sex education at schools.
  • Assess the current education system for people with mental disabilities.

Research Paper Topics on Family Issues

  • Examine the main reasons for the rise in divorces among American couples.
  • Depression is often caused by not meeting expectations from family members. Be able to support your argument with evidence.
  • Depression is often caused by not meeting expectations from family members. Be able to support your argument with evidence.
  • What effect does the death of a loved one have on the children? Examine the consequences.
  • How can parents make sure that every child feels loved equally?
  • Discuss the role of family members in the development of a person’s personality.

Health Research Paper Topics

  • Analyze the challenges faced by smokers of cigarettes when quitting.
  • Examine the pitfalls of teenage inactivity. Highlight the possible solutions to these problems.
  • Are our eating habits a factor in cancer risk? Evaluate.
  • Is it healthy to solely rely on a vegan diet for health?
  • Can marijuana treat cancer? With valid data, discuss the possibilities.
  • Discuss recent advances in HIV AIDS treatment.

Media And Communications Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Discuss the role played by citizen journalism in information dissemination.
  • Are digital media causing the death of the print media? Use proper evidence to support your argument.
  • What role do media play in cultivating political influence among citizens and citizens? This topic can be discussed with concrete data.
  • Why content moderation is so important in this digital age?
  • Analyze major investigative efforts by journalists over the past 20 years.
  • What has changed in the media industry over the past 50 years? The changes.

Political Issues Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • What does Brexit mean for world politics? Discuss the impact of Brexit on Australia’s bilateral relationship.
  • Is terrorism a political tool or a terrorist act? Use valid evidence to support your argument.
  • Comparative analysis of presidential and parliamentary republics.
  • How much do social media influence the political opinions of individual voters? Analyze.
  • Discuss the role and importance of public relations in politics.
  • Do you think there should be more transparency in the electoral process? Let’s analyze the situation and offer some solutions.

Psychology Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Learn about the psychological factors that can make a child a bully.
  • Examine the psychological factors that lead to suicidal tendencies in teenagers.
  • Examine the main causes of seasonal affective disorders.
  • Is Schizophrenia possible to treat? Discuss recent developments in Schizophrenia research.
  • What effect can a childhood trauma have on an adult? It can be explained with data.
  • Discuss the efficacy of psychological therapy for treating clinical depression.

Religion Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Theism can be defended with solid information.
  • Assess the role of today’s church in shaping the Christian child’s life.
  • Is religion a factor in how one should dress? Your argument should be supported by concrete data. Is Schizophrenia possible to treat? Discuss recent developments in Schizophrenia research.
  • Analyze the role played by religious institutions in improving society.
  • Should civil rights be extended? Use genuine data to support your argument.

Social Issues Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Analyze the difficulties faced by the LGBTQ community during the early 80s.
  • Has social media made people more unsocial? Talk with data.
  • What has been the success rate of Australian NGOs in fighting social evils over the past 5 years?
  • Comparative analysis of the idea of reincarnation in different religions around the world.
  • Examine the reasons for the rise of a new religion.

Terrorism Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Analyze the United Nations’ actions to combat terrorism over the past 5 years.
  • Examine how the September 11th attacks have impacted world politics.
  • The economic growth of these countries is being hampered by the rising rate of terrorist acts in the Middle East. Data can support your argument.
  • Examine the actions taken by the Trump administration to combat terrorism on American soil.
  • What impact does the Pulwama attack have upon Pakistan’s UN position? Discuss.

Women And Gender Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Comparative analysis of feminism & gender equality.
  • What is the reason women get paid less for the same job in some industries than men? These disparities are explained.
  • Examine how the “me too” movement has affected the corporate sector over recent years.
  • Analyze the portrayal of women in advertisements for men’s grooming products.
  • What is the difference between male and female adultery in different parts of the country?

History Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Assess the importance of the art patronage system during the Italian Renaissance.
  • Analyze the influence of the Guillotine on the French Revolution.
  • Discuss the use of Ziggurats in Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Comparative analysis of Alexander’s conquests and Genghis Khan’s.
  • Analyze the factors that favor British Empire’s expansion across the globe.
  • Is slavery a factor in the development of western countries? Use data to support your argument.

Topics for Research Assignment Papers on Culture

  • Analyze how the highway system has shaped American culture.
  • Assess the impact of culture on the Australian legislative system.
  • Consider how multicultural communities function in today’s society.
  • Analyze the role of culture in politics
  • Analyze the role of culture in politics
  • Comparative analysis of American and Australian cultures.

Topics for research assignment papers on science and technology

  • Discuss how space exploration could benefit humanity. It is important to support your argument.
  • Is technology advancing in the right direction to achieve “education for all?”
  • Assess the potential risks associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • What can nanotechnology do to improve our lives? Use evidence to support your argument.
  • Assess the role of cloud technology in revolutionizing data storage.
  • Analyze the evolution of mobile phones over the past 20 years.

Topics for research assignment papers on medicine

  • Examine the most recent developments in organ donation.
  • Examine the causes of Type 2 Diabetes in America.
  • Perform a comparative analysis of the genetic and behavioral factors that are responsible for obesity.
  • What have alternative medicines done to improve healthcare over the past 20 years?
  • Examine the most recent stem cell research discoveries.
  • Is it ethical for medicines to be tested on animals? Use evidence to support your arguments.

Management Research Assignment Paper Topics

  • Comparative analysis of the roles of executive managers and general managers.
  • Assess the importance of crisis management for restoring a brand’s image.
  • Analyze current marketing strategies used by top brands in today’s digital world.
  • A brand’s most important service is customer support. Stats can help you establish your position.
  • Is it worth investing more in employee retention, or should the company’s management focus on recruiting new talent? Compare supporting evidence.

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