BU 307-7: Organizational Change Unit 3 Assignment – Case Study: JCDecaux


  • Please respond to these questions collectively in an essay format.
  • Submit a Microsoft Word document by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Purpose of the Case

  1. To realize that constructing an action plan for a project that involves significant change must always consider the stakeholders involved in the operation, the perception of end users, and the support of persuasive and interested groups.
  2. To understand that the best action plans include decisively planned steps, which build upon one another and include measurable goals and checkpoints along the way to adequately account for measurable evaluation after every step.

Please download the case study below and read it before answering the two questions below in an essay.


  1. Assume you are a project manager at JCDecaux and have been assigned to work with the City of Lyon to implement this physical, organizational, and social change. What are the practical and philosophical implications of this work?
  2. Using the tools, methods, and processes described in Chapter 8, construct a comprehensive “action plan” for this project. Where would you start? Who are the key stakeholders and how will you manage them? What are the practical categories of activities that need to be addressed? What are the sequences of change that have to happen? What do you see as the key activities and initiatives?
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