Question 1

The most accurate statement about workplace safety is:

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[removed] workers are often unaware of the hazards they face on the job
[removed] employees, not their employers, are responsible for creating a safe workplace
[removed] in an average year, 150 workers are killed on the job
[removed] according to experts, industrial accidents “just happen”

Question 2

An early 1970s government study (“Work in America”) identified three chief sources of worker dissatisfaction. Which of the following is one of those sources?

[removed] industry’s preoccupation with quality, not quantity
[removed] the rigidity of rules and regulations
[removed] the relatively small size of most U.S. corporations
[removed] mandatory drug testing programs used by many U.S. corporations

Question 3

Polygraph tests

[removed] are extraordinarily accurate contrary to what the critics say.
[removed] can produce false positives.
[removed] cannot reveal with certainty whether a person is or is not telling the truth.
[removed] are totally reliable because lying always triggers an involuntary response that truth telling does not.

Question 4

Douglas McGregor rejects Theory X, which holds that

[removed] when explained properly, everyone will favor drug-testing programs.
[removed] workers essentially dislike work and will do everything they can to avoid it.
[removed] workers basically like work and view it as something natural and potentially enjoyable.
[removed] sexual harassment is a form of discrimination.

Question 5

Which of the following is a true statement about the information gained from polygraph tests?

[removed] The information the organization seeks does not have to be related to the job.
[removed] The organization has used the polygraph as the easiest way to gather the information it wants.
[removed] Test results should be made public.
[removed] Not only should the organization have job-related grounds for using the polygraph, but these must be compelling enough to justify violating the individual’s privacy and psychic freedom.

Question 6

The United States has more of what per employee than any other industrial nation?

[removed] timeclocks
[removed] sprains and strains
[removed] work injuries
[removed] managers

Question 7

One of the three chief sources for dissatisfaction in the workplace is

[removed] lack of opportunities to be promoted faster.
[removed] lack of opportunities to have a company vehicle.
[removed] lack of opportunities to have one’s own office.
[removed] lack of opportunities to be one’s own boss.

Question 8

Many major employers routinely monitor the performance of their employees through the computers and telephones they use. Employers are allowed to

[removed] check the number of keystrokes that word processors enter during the day.
[removed] eavesdrop on e-mail.
[removed] eavesdrop on  fax transmissions.
[removed] eavesdrop on cell phone conversations.

Question 9


[removed] is an absolute value.
[removed] must be respected if we are to function as complete, self-governing agents.
[removed] is something that employees today don’t care about.
[removed] is guaranteed by Article 3, section 3, of the Constitution.

Question 10

When it comes to obtaining information about employees, a key concept is

[removed] informed consent.
[removed] economic efficiency.
[removed] paternalism.
[removed] positive externalities.

Question 11

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that postal workers who tested positive for drug use in a pre-employment urine test were at least 50 percent more likely to be

[removed] promoted.
[removed] transferred.
[removed] honored for community service.
[removed] fired, injured, disciplined, or absent than those who tested negative.

Question 12

A fact about job satisfaction is

[removed] longevity does not correlate with job satisfaction.
[removed] the U.S. leads the world in the provision of childcare.
[removed] a lack of job satisfaction can create mental health problems.
[removed] worker participation and improved QWL always boost productivity.

Question 13

One key questionable premise underlying personality tests is

[removed] they sometimes screen out potentially creative or individualistic employees.
[removed] they presuppose that all employees can be validly placed in a small number of categories.
[removed] they can help determine job applicants’ areas of adequacy and inadequacy.
[removed] that all individuals can usefully and validly be placed into a relatively small number of categories of personality types and character traits.

Question 14

Which of the following is true?

[removed] a company is never permitted to test for legal drugs
[removed] drugs can’t harm employee performance
[removed] business writers agree that drug testing is more cost effective than voluntary drug assistance programs
[removed] media sensationalism and political posturing can get in the way of sensible answers to the drug problem

Question 15

Out of these four, which one is the only correct statement concerning OSHA?

[removed] Critics call OSHA a “toothless tiger”.
[removed] OSHA regulates the shifts people work.
[removed] OSHA says few accidents are caused by sleep deprivation and fatigue.
[removed] OSHA states the key to worker safety is improved engineering.