BUS378 Week 2 Quiz For BUS 378 International Business Law Instructor: Cheryl Toops

1. The business forms found in most countries are limited to: (Points : 1)


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sole proprietorships.

All of the above.

2. The unfair competition provisions (Articles 81 and 82) of the European Community Treaty are: (Points : 1)

applied extraterritorially if a foreign firm’s activities have an effect on trade or commerce within the European Union.

applied extraterritorially if a foreign firm’s activities when balanced against the interests of the European Union are detrimental to the European Union.

never applied extraterritorially.

uniformly applied extraterritorially.

None of the above.

3. In the United Kingdom, the law specifies the minimum number of subscribers who must agree to purchase shares to form a public corporation as: (Points : 1)






4. Nondiscrimination guarantees assure foreign investors that they will be treated in the same manner as national investors. (Points : 1)



5. In order to show that a defendant has “minimum contacts” for the purpose of establishing personal jurisdiction in a United States court when bringing a suit based on an alleged violation of the US antitrust laws a plaintiff must show: (Points : 1)

the defendant conducted business on a regular and permanent basis in the forum state.

the defendant purposefully did business in the forum state.

the defendant reasonably could have anticipated that it would have to defend itself in the forum state.

Both a. and b. above.

Both b. and c. above.

6. To establish that personal jurisdiction exists for the purpose of bringing a suit based on the United States antitrust laws, a plaintiff may rely on the jurisdictional definitions found in: (Points : 1)

a long-arm statute enacted by one of the constituent states of the US.

Section 12 of the Clayton Act.

Section 67 of the Sherman Act.

Both a. and b. above.

Both a. and c. above.

7. Although a foreign investor can be fined for failing to comply with an investment agreement, a host country is forbidden by international law from revoking the facilities it granted to the investor. (Points : 1)



8. A “free port” is a place in international airports and harbors (and near some border crossings) which caters to tourists and other travelers who are leaving a country by offering them goods free of local sales and excise taxes. (Points : 1)



9. Which of the following multinational enterprises has parent companies that are located in different states? (Points : 1)

The international multinational.

The national multinational.

The nonmultinational.

The public transnational.

All of the above.

10. In civil law countries, a company can be an association of persons or of capital. (Points : 1)