Business Ethics


1 . Which is NOT a requirement for a facility to be considered a sweatshop?
a. unmitigated health and safety hazards
b. high temperature
c. poor working conditions
d. unfair wages

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2. which organizational layer can be said to generate specific plans and instructions from broad directions?
a. operating layer
b. middle management
c. top management
d. none of the above

3.. Whistle blowing can have what consequence?
a. being ostrcized at work
b. loss of employemnt
c. negative reputation
d. all of the above

4. How have most businesses adapted to information technology developments?
a. they have become larger and more unwidely
b. they have become more hierarchical
c. they have flatter, smaller and more nimble.
d. they have become more profitable

5. How much of General Electric’s revenues is from outside the United States?
a. none
b. one quarter
c. almost half
d. more than half