Business Finance- NPV

You have had a 30yr FA FRM at 8% for 7 years. The original principal was 1,200,000. You are considering a cash-out refi into a 15-year mortgage at 6.5%. The old mortgage has a prepay penalty of 3% if payoff occurs before year 8. The new mortgage has variable fees of 3%, and fixed fees of $10,000, and a 2% prepay penalty. The additional cash is for a $100,000 car which you must have and can be borrowed elsewhere at 8% over 10 years, with upfront fees of $500.

Assume that all fees will be financed, and that under either scenario you will be moving 12 years from now. Ignore taxes, the option to wait to refinance, and assume no loan is prepaid, curtailed, nor ever defaults.

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What is the NPV of refinancing?