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Essay Sample – Ethical Treatment of Shareholders and Workers in a Traditional Capitalist Corporation

You will be required to examine the ethical treatment of workers and shareholders in a capitalist, traditional corporation and then compare your findings with those of the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation. Choose an organization you admire for its ethical behavior, rather than just one.


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It can be difficult to write Homework, especially with so many types and so many processes. The topics are what make it more difficult for students. Students often have trouble understanding the topic and end up writing a terrible essay. We have experts who can help you avoid such embarrassment. We have listed all types of homework we cover:

Descriptive Homework

A descriptive Homework asks students to describe an event, emotion, place, or other aspect of a situation. It is used to assess students’ ability to use words to express themselves in writing. This is a difficult task for students because they often feel lost in words.

Narrative Homework

The essay requires a strong sense of storytelling. This essay allows students to express themselves creatively and personally. It also tests students’ ability to communicate emotions clearly. It is difficult for students who have difficulty expressing themselves in language classes to tell stories.

Expository Essay

Expository Homework asks students to analyze evidence, explain a concept, and then present an argument. It is important to communicate the argument clearly and concisely. Students who are familiar with using unnecessary information and wording fillers will find it difficult to do this.

Argumentative Homework

An argumentative Homework requires students to think up ideas, gather evidence, and then evaluate it. It is often difficult for students to decide which side they want to take on a given topic.

Persuasive Homework

This type of essay requires students to learn how to convince their readers to accept their views. To convince your reader, you must do your research. Students are often challenged by their inability to use the right words. They may need our assistance.

Analytical Homework

This article is an in-depth analysis. Students are often unable to comprehend the topic and their research is flawed. It is difficult to understand the topic and explain it in words.

Reflective Homework

The students will need to take stock of their lives. They must write about their life experiences. This Homework is very personal. It usually follows a growth and development pattern, asking students to write about the experiences that have changed or developed them in a particular way.

Rhetorical Analysis Homework

The students must break down a piece of non-fiction into smaller pieces. Each chunk is then analyzed and then a report is created on how the individual elements interact to create a common effect.

Literary Analysis Homework

Literary analysis involves closely reading the text and deciphering its meaning. It also requires that you explore the mind of the author to understand why certain choices were made. Students often get lost in this area, as they think that inferring the meaning of the text is beyond their abilities.