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Example College homework: Sample Question and Solution

Analysis of Westpac Bank – HI5019 Strategic Information Systems


Your team must choose a case company that falls within the following areas. Create a proposal for your client for new information technology.

Identify the company’s primary goals and critical success factors. These objectives can be evaluated using what information? Make a mission statement for your client.

Based on this information, create a formal organizational chart.


IntroductionWestpac Banking Corporation, a bank, and provider of financial services based in Australia is called Westpac Banking Corporation. The organization is also known as Westpac Bank. The companies headquarter is at 275 Kent St., Sydney, New South Wales. The name of the bank Westpac is a Portmanteau from Western and Pacific. The bank is listed in the “Big Four” Australian banks. The bank serves approximately 4 million customers (Westpac, 2018c).

Westpac’s primary goals and success factors are critical to its success

There are many factors that influence the success of a business or organization. These factors can vary from one business to the next and can often be out of your control.

entrepreneurs. There are some factors that can help an organization achieve sustainable growth in a competitive economic market. The critical success factors of Westpac bank are also identified and classified into three categories (Westpac 2014a).


Example College homework from Top Universities

The most difficult task is choosing a topic for your college homework

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Students can also benefit from the extensive research area to help them score high on the

Here are some college essay examples:

  • Communication is a problem in today’s technology-driven world.
  • The most memorable day of your life should be shared
  • Write about who is your role model.
  • Explain how culture is important in your life
  • Share your thoughts on how online education has transformed your academic life
  • What are your thoughts on the evolution of Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning?
  • COVID: Is it a conspiracy or a ruse? Write down your quarantine experience.
  • What is bioweapon? Are you convinced that bioweapon poses a real threat to humanity?
  • Share your terrible experience of surviving an earthquake or other natural disaster.
  • It is like being lost in an unfamiliar place.
  • Discuss the current state of COVID 19 as well as its future.
  • Are you a believer that school and college education should be completely free? Why?
  • Describe your views on racism and gender discrimination within society
  • Are you adamant that marriage is a major achievement in your life?
  • Teenagers are not happy with social media networking sites
  • Compare online and traditional classroom learning.

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How to Write a College Application offers tips and tricks

You may have submitted your college application and fill out the forms. Now it is time to impress the college admissions group. The college application homework is 500 words long. It will determine whether you are selected or not. While students spend many hours researching how to write a college application homework, they are unable to produce one that is effective. Our specialists suggest these steps:

  • Please read the instructions carefully
  • Begin with a great introduction
  • Be honest and use your personal experience
  • Avoid clichés such as using common topics, famous quotes, and templates.
  • Great examples can be used to support your college Homework
  • Conclusion

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The Most Commonly Asked Questions by Students on College Application Homework

1. How do you start a college application Homework?

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2. What should a college application Homework be about?

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3. How do you write a personal Homework for college?

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5. How can I make my college essay stand out?

To make your college Homework stand, you will need to use these tips:

  • Choose an exceptional topic
  • A stunning intro
  • This is a great title
  • Amazing body content
  • It should be written in 500 words
  • Fantastic conclusion

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