Course Project: "OPIOID ADDICTION IN TEENS" Scholar-Practitioner Project Final Assignment (15 pages, excluding references)


DUE 8/3/19  8 p.m EST

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15 PAGES not including title & Ref Page APA Format

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The final SPP assignment is the completion of your research methods proposal. Building on the previous four assignments, you will synthesize the material and add more information about strengths and limitations, social change implications, and ethical considerations, resulting in the creation of a complete epidemiological research methods proposal. 

This assignment should be written as a coherent 15 page scholarly paper (excluding title page and references). It is expected that you will incorporate any instructor feedback on the previous assignments into your final paper.APA form and style are also expected to be followed, including the correct use of a title page, headings, in-text citations, and references. Finally, the document should read as a logically flowing, complete paper; avoid simply cutting-and-pasting the previous assignments together, as that approach is unlikely to meet expectations for a doctoral-level scholarly paper.

The following is an example of a content outline for this paper.

 Follow this outline exactly (ATTACHED), all of the following content should be included in some way in the scholarly paper: