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HRMT20024: An homework on Attracting and Retaining Employee Selection


Assessment Task

Assessment 2: You chose a sector you want to study (e.g. Construction; financial services; healthcare; hospitality; agriculture; mining; retail and transport.

Write a homework about the main challenges faced in attracting and keeping a workforce within your chosen sector.

Your homework should draw upon at least five themes between Week 1 and Week 11, depending on the industry sector you are interested in.

Your homework will use the annotated bibliography that you created for Assessment 2 to draw upon academic literature and create an argument that applies this literature to your chosen sector.



Hospitality is one the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is expected to continue to be a major contributor to the global economic system by providing the required output to the global economy and creating opportunities for employment. The most important and critical factor for success in the hospitality sector is human resource development. Employees are resistant to policies that promote business. They prefer to stick to traditional values and practices. The management of human resources is a challenge for organizations in the hospitality sector. These include recruitment, selection, retention, motivation management, work-life balance and management of diversity. This homework will address the most important issues that are common to many hospitality companies. All facts and information are derived from authenticated sources such as journal articles, reports published in hotels on this topic, and articles written by economists. The report concludes with a summary that provides an overview and clarifies the main findings.

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