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Discussion Board and Homework Writing

Case Analysis: McDonald

Prepare a summary of the case study. Be sure to include a summary of the case study that discusses the McDonald’s environment and how it influences the company’s strategy.

Google Case Analysis

Give a brief summary of the case study. In your paper explain how Google analyzed its value chain for the purpose of determining where they were able to create value when using its resources, capabilities, and core competencies.

Case Analysis: Porsche

Prepare a summary of your case study. Include a discussion about Porsche’s competitors, competitive behavior, as well as competitive dynamics in your summary.

Case Analysis: Domino’s

A summary of the case study should be prepared. Discuss the reasons Domino’s would use an acquisition strategy to increase strategic competitiveness.

McDonald’s Case Study Analysis
How the environment affects McDonald’s strategy and how it operates

McDonald’s continued success was due to their ability to export its business strategy abroad. This formula was used by McDonald’s to expand its reach into other countries over time. McDonald’s had the vision of one world, one taste. It wanted to reach more countries that were English and more tolerant of American culture. Many countries were selling American-style products, including McDonald’s (annual report, 2013,). They thought that if they included the food from another country, they would lose their identity. They were faced with many difficulties as they underestimated the cultural impact of the host country’s culture on their restaurant. Other issues such as the fattening of the food and mad cow disease had a negative effect on the company’s image. Read more

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