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Math Homework: Sample Question and Solution

ICT101 Discrete Mathematics For IT


Your group will explore one mathematical problem and its applications in the real world. Your task is to create a report on the results of your research.

You can either choose from one of the problems below or you can create your own. After forming a group and choosing the topic, your tutor will approve you.

Your group can choose from the following problems:

  • Cake-cutting and portioning
    *Lotto, and whether it’s a good bet.
    *Sorting algorithms
    *Travelling salesman problem
    *Greedy algorithm, packing problems
    *Predator-prey in recurrence relationships



The Travelling Salesman Problem is a well-known and understood the problem. It is used to find the shortest route to visit every person from an accumulation destination and restore the beginning stage . 2 It is sometimes considered the most difficult problem in computational science, but no better/viable arrangement method is available for all cases. The traveling salesman problem is characterized by a predetermined arrangement of 1 of the areas.

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