Electronics Engineers: Preparation of a CDR Report


Electronics engineering is an interesting branch of engineering. This branch of engineering is involved in developing and manufacturing electronic devices and technologies. Electronic engineers play a crucial role in today’s technology-driven world. Many skilled electronics engineers are available around the globe who has received their degrees from respected universities and colleges. Australia offers many opportunities to work as an electronics engineer. It is difficult to move to Australia and stay there while working. We are here to help electronic engineers looking to work in Australia. To be eligible to work in Australia as an electronics engineer, you must submit a CDR report. Engineers Australia will then review the cdr and approve or reject the report. The concerned person can then work in Australia.

What is CDR?

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration report. This report is for engineers who wish to work and stay in Australia. CDR report is required for electronics engineers to get a job in Australia.

Details of a CDR Report

An introduction is usually included in a cdr report on electronics engineering.

The following information must be included in a standard cdr report to electronics engineers:

  • Information about the applicant’s electronics engineering knowledge and skills. Also information about how he has used his electronics engineering knowledge and skills. It must clearly state the information about the projects that the applicant has worked on or was a part of, as well as details about his academic background.
  • It must be verified that the application meets all the requirements of electronic engineering.
  • In the cdr report, the details of the problems that occurred and hurt the production of his previous organization must be included.
  • It is necessary to provide details about how the applicant helped to eliminate such problem.
  • The cdr report will provide more information about how the applicant and other members of his previous organization worked together as a team.
  • If there has been any issue in the past organization regarding the efficiency of a team, it is necessary to detail the problem.
  • In the cdr report, it is also necessary to mention the contribution of the applicant to solving the problem.
  • In the report, you must include details about the awards that the applicant received.

Electronics Engineers: Preparation of a CDR Report

These steps will help you prepare a cdr-report.

  • The applicant must fill out an application form. Engineers Australia can provide the application form at any time.
  • All copies of transcripts and academic reports must be attached.
  • A current resume must be attached with the documents.
  • The cdr report must include three career episodes
  • The report must include continuing professional development.
  • The cdr report must include a summary.
  • The cdr report must also include a document of the English proficiency test pass result.

A standard cdr for electronics engineers is approximately 4000-5000 words. It must be written carefully. A cdr should be original. If any plagiarism is found, it will be rejected immediately.

This report must also comply with Australian immigration standards, as set out by Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia will then review the report and if accepted, an electronic engineer can be hired in Australia.

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