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  • Divide the time

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  • Analyze the question

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  • Research

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  • Organizing

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  • Presentation

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  • Proofreading

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Quick Homework Writing Service: Sample Question and Solution

RMT20024: Homework on Attracting and Retaining Employee Selection


Assessment Task

Assessment 2: You chose a sector you want to study (e.g. Construction; financial services; healthcare; hospitality; agriculture; construction; mining; retail and transport

Write homework about the key issues in attracting and keeping a workforce within your chosen sector. Your essay should include at least five themes that span Week 1 through Week 11. These are the most relevant to your industry sector.

Your essay will use the academic literature, including the annotated bibliography that you created for Assessment 2, to develop an argument about how it applies to your chosen sector.



Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is expected to continue to be a major contributor to the global economic system by contributing to the desired output to it and creating opportunities for employment. The most important and critical factor for success in the hospitality sector is human resource development. Employees are resistant to policies that promote business. They prefer to stick to traditional values and practices. The management of human resources is a challenge for organizations in the hospitality sector. These include recruitment, selection, retention, motivation management, work-life balance, and management of diversity. This essay will address the most important issues that are common to many hospitality companies. All facts and information are derived from authenticated sources such as journal articles, reports published in this area by hotels, and articles written by economists. The conclusion of the report provides an overview and clarifies the main findings.

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The Most Popular Questions Searched by Students:

Question: What are the Four Types of Homework?

Answer: The four main types of Homework that are the norm in academics can be found here:

  • Argumentative Homework

These essays often contain in-depth information and well-researched data.

Example: – A book critique

  • Expository Homework

These are similar to argumentative Homework. They also require you to dig into the topic.

  • Narrative Homework

These essays can be described as personal essay that expresses one’s viewpoint.

  • Descriptive Homework

These are the ones that require you to describe the theme vividly.

Question: What are Writing and Homework?

Answer: An Homework is a piece of writing that presents an author’s perspective and arguments to the reader. An essay is composed of three modules, which are subdivided into paragraphs.

  • Introduction

This gives readers a general overview of the information they will be learning.

  • Body

It is evident that the author has a point of view on a subject.

  • Conclusion

It summarizes the contents and conclusions of the Homework.

Question: How do I write a Homework?

Answer: Writing Homework is easy if the author understands the subject. This involves:

  • Identifying the type of Homework

Writing an essay starts with understanding and researching the topic.

  • Brainstorm

This is where the writer gets the topic idea.

  • Research

It is important to organize your research work so it is worthwhile to refer back.

Question: How Many Paragraphs Are in a Homework?

Answer An Homework, in its simplest form, consists of three paragraphs. The writer should start by introducing the topic. Next, he will move to the body section where he will discuss the problem in depth. Finally, he will end it by reflecting on his personal perspective.

To emphasize different aspects of the topic, you can subdivide the body section into three paragraphs.

Question: Can An Homework Have Two-Body Paragraphs?

Answer: Yes. A Homework can contain two paragraphs.

The essay body can contain as many paragraphs as the writer desires unless otherwise specified. However, the body paragraphs contain the introduction and analysis of the evidence. While you can keep it to two paragraphs, it is best to break up the topic into two body paragraphs. The analysis should be in the third.

Question: How do you write a short Homework?

Answer to The core idea behind writing a short Homework is to include only the most important information that can be used to explain and support the main argument.

A typical Homework is shorter than a shorter one. This is because there is very little difference. You have more space in longer Homework to clarify and explain all points, and you may feel that you don’t have enough space in a shorter Homework to present a strong argument.