Healthcare Informatics

1. All of the following are mistakes that may lead to a failed IT project except:


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2. A Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is private network using unsecure connections across the internet:


3. The CIO should always report to the CEO of the organization:


4. HTML tags are keywords (tad names) surrounded by angle brackets: <tagname>content</tagname>.


5. The purpose of the back to back drawing group activity was to illustrate the challenge of effective communication skills when giving instructions or requirements similar to what is needed for an IT project.


6. Which of the following scenarios is not an example of an Application Programming Interface (API)


7. Decentralized decision making occurs when an organization has a highly structured hierarchy in which decisions are made by a few senior leaders.


8. _________ are the systems that users interact with: for example, scheduling, billing, and EHR systems.


9. _________ is a desirable approach in assessing IT services that brings a level of objectivity to the assessment process.


10. Natural Language Processing translates human language to computer instructions.


11. Broadband is the term used to describe communication media that carry only one transmission at a time.


12. Who is responsible for ensuring the organization has a comprehensive, thoughtful, and flexible IT strategy?


13. Which of the following is not a type of Application Integration?


14. Most IT services in a health care organization are ether fully centralized or decentralized.


15. The tic toe group activity was meant to demonstrate how an algorithm or computer program might work as a set of instructions within an artificial intelligence system.


16. Which entity was charged with providing leadership for the development and nationwide implementation of an interoperable health information technology infrastructure.


17. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of well-developed governance mechanisms?


18. Which of the following initiatives led to the rapid advancement and adoption of e-prescribing in health care?


19. The phase of the Hype Cycle for health care technologies during which mainstream adoption starts to take off and criteria for assessing provider viability are more clearly defined is known as:


20. _________ relies on trust that information shared with a health care provider during the course of treatment will be used only for its intended purpose and not disclosed otherwise.


21. Which of the following factors that should be managed by leadership during an implementation occurs when the odor from prior failures significantly taints the credibility of newly proposed initiatives and weakens organizational acceptance?


22. Spending a low percentage of the operating budget on IT means that underinvestment is occurring and the IT budget should be increased.


23. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of a strong password?


24. When did the institute of Medicine first publish its report calling for the widespread adoption and use of computer-based patient records?


25. Data Visualization is a user interface of a large data warehouse with the ability to “drill down” across dimensions.


26. List and briefly describe three key concepts within Health Information Technology that have been repeated multiple times in the material covered the first half of the semester.


27. Which standard related to the HIPAA Security Physical safeguards requires the CE to implement policies and procedures for the movement of hardware and electronic media that contain ePHI into and out facility and within a facility?


28. A data dictionary is a repository of information about a database that is critical data.


29. Who is responsible for ensuring that individual and organizational information systems are reliable, secure, efficient, and supportable?


30. Which of the following is the biggest barrier to health information exchange?


31. _________ protect systems that utilize the Internet from intrusions and threats from outside sources.


32. The most common type of database in use today is a:


33. Which HIPAA rule was added as part of the HITECT Act in 2009?


34. All of the following are examples of weaknesses that can significantly diminish the likelihood that IT investments will lead to improve except:


35. _________ is an individual’s constitutional right to be left alone and to limit access to his or her health care information.


36. Implementation is the end point of the IT initiative.


37. Which of the terms below is NOT part of a RACI chart that is used for defining responsibilities?


38. _________ is when an organization asks a third party to provide the IT staff members and/or be responsible for the management of IT.


39. The ONC HIT Roadmap Goals for 2018-2020 are…


40. _________ refers to the principles, processes, and organizational structures that govern the IT resources.


41. _________ is best defined as the ability of a system to exchange electronic health information with and use electronic health information from other systems without special effort on the part of the user.


42. Which of the following is NOT one of the “triple aims” for the US health care delivery system?


43. According to the textbook, which of the below health care IT vendors is not one of the top vendors in the industry.


44. In the process of increasing accountability for investments, who should defend the IT investment?


45. During which phase of the hype cycle, developed by Gartner Inc., does interest wane as experiments and implementations fail to deliver on the hype of the peak?


46. Which category of budgeting identifies funds associated with using and maintaining an asset?


47. _________ is the determination of the basic long-term goals and objectives of an organization, the adoption of the course of action, and the allocation of resources necessary to carry out those actions.


48. Applications programmers write programs to handle specific user tasks, such as a program to track inventory within an organization.


49. Which term refers to broad properties of the organization’s infrastructure such as reliability, security, and agility?