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The PHP Homework Help covers the following topics

At Platinum Homework.com, our PHP programming experts provide online homework help with a number of PHP topics.

  1. Types of PHP Data

Variables can store different types of data and perform different functions. PHP supports:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • NULL
  • Resource
  • Object
  1. PHP File Handling

Web applications need to handle files. PHP offers many functions to read, create, upload, edit, and delete files.

  1. PHP Database

To create a cross-platform, PHP can be linked with MySQL. The database can be manipulated, including inserting, deleting, updating, and other functions.

  1. PHP GUI

PHP also allows you to modify the graphical user interface.

  1. PHP Strings

The PHP core includes string functions. You can use functions like addcslashes(), bin2hex(), chunk_split(), convert cyr string (), explode (), etc.

  1. Types of PHP Loop

You can use PHP while, do…while and foreach loops. Each loop type is unique in its iterative properties as well as functions.

  1. PHP Error Handling

The error function can be used for error handling and logging.

  1. PHP Forms

To collect form data, PHP superglobals $_GET or $_POST can be used. Also, you need to be familiar with Validation, Required, and Complete.

  1. PHP Classes/Objects

To create a class in PHP, you can use the class keyword. You can also create multiple objects from one class. Each object must have the class property.

  1. PHP Constructor

When you create an object in PHP, PHP calls the _construct ( ) function automatically. This function is called when an object is created from a class.

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