Homework Assignment Assistance in Contract Law Case Study

One of the most important branches of law studies is contract law. Students who are pursuing legal studies must be familiar with the many aspects of contract law. They will need to prepare an assignment on a contract law case study.

But, before they can begin to create their contract law case study they need to first understand the concept of contract laws. Here are some key areas of contract law.

What should students know before working on a homework contract law case study?

The contract refers to a written agreement that includes the following elements. It must be confirmed by the court of law.

  • Introduction clauses (provisions).
  • Determining the key terms and parties
  • Statement of purpose
  • Obligations of each side
  • Warranty and assurances
  • Attachments
  • Signature block

To make a contract viable under the law it must accomplish certain requirements(Nolo.com).

Contracts and the Law

When two parties agree to fulfill their obligations responsibly, the basic contract is created. The term “party” can be used to refer to any person, organization, or corporation that enters into an agreement. The agreement is legally binding. These are the main laws that govern contract law:

The Common Law

Common law refers to the set of laws that are developed by judges, courts, and legal tribunals which provide regard and importance to every individual’s case. Common law covers the most important aspects of contract law.

Breach of Contract: Why is it so big?

Breach of a contract is when one party violates any clauses in the agreement. This can cause financial or other harm to the other. It can cause harm to the other party in many ways if any party violates the contract. They are as follows;

  • It can damage the reputation of the party and their business as well as the person involved.
  • The defaulter will cease to be interested in the business relationship and the other party will lose all interest.
  • The other party may sue the business if the damages were caused by a breach or contract.
  • The lawsuit will continue in court. However, the violator must provide money and time that would affect the normal functioning of the business.
  • A court can order the defaulter or the defendant to perform a specific task or to fulfill the obligations in the contract.
  • If the court finds that the violation of the contract was serious, the court may order the party to pay contempt or fines and even imprisonment.

In these cases, the most common remedy is for the violator to be required to compensate for all damages. The number of damages and equivalents caused by the violator determine the amount of money.

In exceptional cases, the court may order the violator to pay punitive damages to the other party. This can prevent a complete turnaround of the company.

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