Homework Business Law Case Studies

The areas of commercial transactions and sales, mortgages and contracts, bankruptcy, etc., are all covered by Business Law. Two legal entities are involved in a dispute regarding business law case studies. Students at law schools are often presented with such disputes in order to help them find possible legal solutions. These legal cases are both exciting and challenging for law students. These are just a few of the many areas of dispute that could be used as potential subjects for legal cases.

Business Law Cases Are a Nightmare for Students

Help is needed to create business law case studies and Adidas case study, as these cases are complex and difficult. Many legal precedents may be applicable to a case. Multiple laws may be applicable in a single case. These are all issues to consider when writing law case studies.

Are These Business Law Cases Possible?

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Here’s a sneak peek at the Business Law Cases We Assist With for Students:

Bank Laws

Banks are financial institutions subject to the regulation of law. These laws can be implemented at both the state and federal levels. Banking laws regulate interest rates, operation of checking accounts, receipt and transfer of checks and any other negotiable instruments, as well as the insurance amount for deposits.

Bankruptcy laws:

Bankruptcy laws allow for the elimination and reduction of dischargeable debts. They can also set a time frame for the repayment of non-dischargeable debts.

Consumer Credit Laws

These laws cover disputes between credit card companies and consumers.

Contract Laws

A contract is a legal agreement between people that establishes obligations that can be enforced by law. Contract breaches are common.

Tenancy laws:

Tenancy laws govern agreements between landlords and tenants for residential and commercial properties. Tenancy agreements can be subject to dispute every now and again.


A mortgage is the transfer of landed property to secure loans from banks or other financial institutions.

Sale Laws:

Sales laws govern transactions for the sale or leasing of goods. Most disputes relate to the terms and conditions of the sales agreement.

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