Struggling With Business Report Writing?

A business report is an official document that contains facts, figures, research findings, and other critical details required for business leaders to create business plans or resolve a specific issue. Every detail must be verified, un personalized, and written clearly from the business’s point of view. Get clear guidance from to learn the basics of writing business reports.

What is a Business Report?

A business report is a document that provides information and analysis that can be used to assist a company in making informed business decisions. A business report’s main purpose is to make all information about the company accessible to everyone. The report should be simple to comprehend for readers. For better clarity, labels and headings should be used to clearly identify the sections of the report.

In addition to presenting information and analysis about the business, it is important that one also recommends the actions based on these data. These tasks will be required of you if you are currently studying business studies. Before you begin to work on the task, make sure you understand the basics of business report writing.

The Standard Architecture Of A Business Report

To make it easy for readers to navigate business reports quickly, every report has a particular structure. While lengths vary by company, there is one consistent structure that is widely accepted around the world.

  • Title page: Name, job title, contact information, as well as the date and title of your report.
  • Background: State the purpose of the report. Give a background story about the main topic/issue being discussed.
  • Key findings: Provide enough verifiable information, including figures and data, to support the issue. All information should be presented in a clear, concise manner.
  • Conclusion – Summarize the key findings, highlight identified issues supported with data and give answers, if necessary.
  • Recommendations: Provide a possible solution to the problem and explain briefly why the solution is important for the company.
  • References – Include a list of information sources for further investigation

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What is the Main Purpose of a Business Report?

A business report is an in-depth study of a topic/issue, financial issues, or other circumstances that have a direct impact on a company’s performance. It is designed to give the most accurate facts relevant to the issue in order to assist decision-makers in creating suitable plans for the company’s welfare.

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The Five Essential Elements of a Business Report Format

When writing your business report, be sure to include these five sections:

Table Of Contents

To help your readers, add a table of contents to your report if it is longer than four to five pages. Include the section title and page numbers.

Executive Summary

A summary summarizes the main points of your report and puts them in one place. This gives the reader a brief overview of your report so that they can fully understand what you’re trying to say.


The body is divided into sections that describe the context, highlight the challenges, the results of the analysis, and the assumptions made.


This section presents the results of the study in bullet points, infographics, and tables. It is easy to understand.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Your assessment based on the research results should be presented. Make realistic and measurable suggestions to overcome these challenges and achieve your organizational goals.

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Why do Students need to Write Business Reports?

Business report writing is often required for students pursuing a business degree. This helps them to improve their business skills and analytical thinking.

The business report allows students to do in-depth research and present the information clearly and concisely. Students learn how to evaluate the findings and make appropriate recommendations for improving the organization.

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Business Reports Students Must Write At B-Schools

These are the business reports that MBA students must complete during their time at MBA.

  • Justification/recommendation report: Such reports mainly propose an idea to the management, along with the possible risks, costs, and advantages.
  • Investigative Report: This report gives business owners a snapshot of the risks and rewards associated with investing.
  • Compliance Report: This report proves to authorities that an organization is following the standards.
  • Report from research studies: A professional analyzes a problem and makes suitable recommendations to resolve it.
  • A monthly report: Such reports allow companies to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their products, policies, and procedures and make any necessary improvements.
  • A yardstick report: This report can be used to show several options for a specific situation.

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What makes a business report effective?

You need to take certain steps to ensure that your business report is effective. These are some tips that will help you create a great business report.

  1. Make a plan:

You must treat a business report like a professional when you prepare it. Before you begin researching and writing the sections, you need to plan what you want from the report. This will allow you to create a concise business report structure.

  1. Understand the format:

Understanding the format is another important aspect to remember when creating a business report. You must follow the format used by your company in order to be successful in the professional field. You, as a student, must follow the format your professor has given you for your business report.

  1. Use appropriate headings and subheadings:

A business report can be made more efficient by using headings and subheadings. It is easier for readers to grasp the issues when the headings are clear and descriptive. To emphasize the hierarchy of the points, the formatting of headings must be different from sub-headings.

  • Correctly draft the paragraphs:

As you know, business report writing involves many steps. Each paragraph should contain between 100 and 200 words. They should follow the following structure:

  • The topic sentence is the main idea of the paragraph’s content.
  • Explanation sentences that explain the idea
  • These sentences support the idea.
  • A concluding sentence that summarizes your analysis

Be careful when linking paragraphs together and ensure that each paragraph supports the main purpose.

  • Keep it professional:

The business report must be written in a formal tone, as mentioned at the beginning. You should use neutral subjects for the business report, as it will be used by professionals. You should also use gender-neutral terms like clients. Also, make sure to check the content before you proofread it.

  • It is irrelevant
  • Illogical
  • Unnecessary
  • Redundant
  • You are missing

While proofreading your content, be sure to check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and punctuation. You should also ensure that the formatting guidelines are followed in terms of spacing and font.