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The UK students are required to submit a dissertation on a chosen topic at the conclusion of their academic year. The student’s homework dissertation is the most crucial assignment. It serves as a key indicator of their true capabilities. The UK students find it crucial to have dissertation consulting or Dissertation homework assistance. This helps them to create a flawless dissertation. Platinum Homework.com offers the best dissertation consulting to students, so they can impress their professors and get high marks at the conclusion of their academic year. Our dissertation consulting service gives students a clear understanding of how to write a dissertation. Dissertation writing requires a certain style and format. Students can use our dissertation consulting services in the UK to help them write their dissertation on the topic they choose or that was chosen by their professors.

Here’s the basic structure we use in our homework dissertation consulting service

Title page

The title page provides a summary of the student’s research and introduces the reader to the topic. The title page can be presented in a variety of ways. It should be concise, clear, and partially descriptive. This would provide a clear Dissertation presentation about the student’s research.


This is the introduction to the research and the main part of the thesis. It is important to take care when writing this abstract. It summarizes the research performed by the student on a particular topic. The abstract can be considered both a part of the thesis and an independent document. The abstract is written at the beginning of the dissertation. However, it should be written after the student has finished the thesis. The abstract is difficult work because the students must fit it within the prescribed word limit.


This area provides a marketing opportunity for students to recognize areas of assistance or highlight what was particularly helpful in completing their homework dissertation. The reader can evaluate the various types of homework assistance services provided by the researcher.

Tables of Content

This provides an overview of the structure and content of the dissertation. The table content of the dissertation will reveal any problems in the structure. This allows the reader to determine if further amalgamation is necessary between the sections and subsections.


The Dissertation introduction section is where the researcher must introduce the topic of his study to the reader. It serves two main roles. It expands on the material already summarized in an abstract. Second, it signposts the content for the entire homework dissertation.

Literature Review

The researcher must show how the research piece fits in the overall context. The researcher must explain the current state of research in the field. Researchers should refer to related fields within the research. The researcher must identify the gap and explain why additional research is needed in that field. Finally, the researcher should describe how they plan to address that gap. You can also write a literature review.

* Research context

* Theoretical context

* Use context

* The methodological context

* Political context

* Use context


The researcher must write in this section how he concluded his research. When completing the formal consult dissertation, the researcher must detail the equipment and materials used.

Findings and Results

Different styles can be used to present the results in a dissertation. A scientific dissertation should clearly distinguish between the results and their discussion. A homework dissertation in social sciences, on the other hand, must show overall findings that would link the results and their discussions.


The section requires the researcher to critically review his own research. The researcher must refer to both the literature review as well as his own research. He should also discuss the limitations of his research as well as the use and implication of his findings.


This section contains a summary of all the research performed by the researcher. The conclusion should contain all of the key points.


Research must be properly referenced by the researcher. There are many styles of referencing. Professors usually provide the appropriate referencing style to students. When writing a dissertation, we usually use Harvard referencing style.

* Appendices

Appendices are the final part of the dissertation. These may or may not be included within the word count. Appendices should also be referenced appropriately. These are included at the end because the researcher feels that the information is necessary for the research. However, if the main text contains it could impede the flow of research.

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