International Tourism Marketing (MKTG 315-01)

This an outline assignment which has all the requires clearly outlined. Disregard the assignments that are in a lighter font color but please complete all the exercises  and questions.

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Marketing Department

International Tourism Marketing (MKTG 315-01)


Course Description:

This course focuses on marketing practice and strategy and operations within the context of all tourism markets and related services, which include, but are not limited to, destination resorts/lodging, amusement parks and tourist attractions, festivals and fairs, cruise ships, ski resorts, sports venues, and event, meeting, and conference delivery. It encompasses the unique diversity of tourism as an industry and encourages students to apply marketing and operational strategy and skills to the tourism industry and its component industries. It also serves as an introduction to careers in this diverse industry. 3 credits.


Course Objectives:

This course will introduce you them in the tourism markets. It develops an appreciation of the role of marketing in the worldwide tourism market. The fundamental marketing concepts, practices and terminology will be presented and discussed in the context of international tourism business. This course aims to:

•offer students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the tourism industry and the fun driven industries;

•gain insights into the diverse career opportunities in the tourism industry;

•enhance students’ skills in developing and implementing marketing and operational strategies and decision making in the context of international tourism markets; and prepare students for advanced and specialized courses in the field of sports, events and tourism.


Required Textbook :

Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies, 12th Edition. The electronic version of Edition 12 is $71. You may also try to buy a used copy as there are some around.

Charles R. Goeldner, J. R. Brent Ritchie


September 2011, ©2012












Part One-Toward an Understanding of the Tourism Industry and Tourism Industry Careers

•Definition of the International Tourism Markets/Operations and its components

•Skills required for success in the tourism industry

•Career Opportunities in the tourism industry

•The Importance and Scope of the International Tourism Market including its economic value

•Definition of Tourism and related terms

•Developing a general understanding of the tourism industry and its importance.

•Tourism Models and the synergistic aspects of the tourism umbrella industries.

•Review of the History of Tourism and all related industry groups.


Notebook Assignment #1: Select a job category /industry of your choice. Find at least six internet job sources for your selected job and fully research the companies that occupy this area of work using either Bloomberg Terminals or the internet (hint: yahoo business is a great place to, but you should be able to find additional ones by searching the job listings.) Your list in most cases should have hundreds of companies in most industry categories. Answer these questions:

•Do you feel the career path for this position is a good one? i.e. How difficult is it to land an entry level position and move forward? What are the entry level jobs and what skills are required?

•How can the skills learned in this position be moved toward other jobs that you may wish to have down the line including your dream job. (Complete by 2nd week of class.)


Notebook Assignment #2: Research at least five different trade associations that are in areas of personal interest.

•Do these organizations have student memberships?

•How can you benefit from belonging to these organizations?

•Become a student member and become engaged in at least one tourism related organization of your choice and attend a local meeting of that organization by the end of the semester. (One of two industry involvements for this class.)


(Complete by 3rd week of Class)


Chapters and Powerpoints: 1-8 (all listings throughout the outline are in Goeldner)

Internet Exercises for Notebook: Complete one exercise per chapter in all chapters that have internet exercises and keep in your notebook. (Complete by 4rd week)


Part Two-Consumer Behavior in the Tourism and Related Business and Market Analysis


Part 2A-Consumer Behavior


Non Textbook Notebook Assignment #3-Do an observational analysis of consumer behavior in an industry of your choice related to the tourism industry. Incorporate the concepts that we discussed in class. Due at end of 6th week of class. Answer the following questions:


•How do consumers make decisions to participate in the chosen activity?

•Does complimentary marketing play a role in this activity?

•How does this activity compete with other activities (substitutes within the leisure marketplace or other life products) in the tourism and related industry marketplace?


Part 2B-Market Analysis


•Market Trends and Statistics

•SWOT Analysis-The Meadowlands Mall Case

•Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Non-Textbook Notebook Assignment #4-Segmentation-Which market segments in the tourism industry do you think have the greatest potential for growth. Pick what you consider to be the top three market segments and make a case for why you think they have good potential. Support your conclusions with references-Due Week #7


Non-Textbook Notebook Assignment #5-SWOT Analysis-Meadowlands Mega-Mall case


Chapters Readings and Textbook Exercises-Chapters 9,10,11,18 and 19-Complete two discussion and review question or one internet exercise per chapter and put in Notebook-Due Week 11.


Part Four-Tourism Development, Issues and Future


•Tourism components and supply.

•Measuring and forecasting demand

•Tourism’s economic impact

•Tourism policy

•Tourism planning development and social considerations

•Tourism and the environment (Eco-tourism)

•Marketing tourism destinations

•Tourism’s future


Chapter readings and Exercises: Read chapters 12-17 and 20. Do two discussion and review questions per chapter or one internet exercise per chapter and put in notebook. Complete during weeks 8-13.


Non-Textbook Notebook Assignment Six-View the two videos on the future of the tourism industry. Make as many points as you can regarding your agreement or disagreement with the things stated in these videos based on what you have learned in the course.-Due no later than week 13.


Non-Textbook Notebook Assignment Seven-View three tourism promotion videos on Compare these for their effectiveness. How do you think each video could be improved. .- Due no later than Week 13


Part Five-Delivering Quality Tourism Services-Introduction to Customer Service and Service Delivery in the Tourism Industry-Time permitting would be an in class lecture.


Part Six-Sampling of Tourism Operational Areas-This unit will be done live in class throughout the semester.


• Hotels

• Food Services

• Tour Operations

• Merchandising, Games, Gaming, Etc.

Short Creative Assignments: (Select two out of three)


a. Design a themed menu. This project should include at least 15 menu items. Items can be costed out by visiting Costco or Restaurant Depot. Cost out all 15 items.


b. Select ten items from each of the merchandising categories we discussed in class. Analyze the wholesale costs of these items by using internet sources such as or other on line wholesale sources..


c. Design two tour brochures. Cost out all of the items on a separate sheet of paper by getting actual group quotes from airlines, hotels, etc. Keep a diary of who you contacted for these quotes. One brochure should be for a special interest tour and one for a mass market tour.

(Above assignments are due two weeks after the lectures are given for the food services, tours ops or merchandising sections.)


•Notebook Assignments and Short Assignments-Your notebook should be kept current and is subject to inspection and grading at any time. Additional notebook assignments may be given. Your notebook should not only include all of the assignments but should include notes from your classes as well as a comment statement or reaction to each class including how you think the class should be improved when appropriate. It is important that your work is comprehensive and detailed. 40% of total grade.


Thanks for taking this class. You will find a dynamic future in the tourism related industries of sports, hospitality, leisure/recreation, entertainment, events, etc.