Management Questions

1_ All of the following are strategies that can increase the creativity of negotiated settlement EXCEPT:

a. Fractionating the problem into solvable parts

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b. Non-Specific compensation (i.e., finding a way to pay the other party that is not part of the original deal)

c. Selective attention (focus only on issues that are most important to you)

d. Cost cutting (i.e., finding ways to minimize the losses incurred by the other party)

2_ which of the following strategies is a proven solution for building trust where none exists?

a. avoid conflict; avoid discussion of sensitive issues

b. agree on a common goal or shared vision

c. attempt to come to agreement on events that have occurred in the past

d. use deterrence-based trust techniques

3_ The following strategies are all ways of building trust, EXCEPT:

a. disclosing information about yourself

b. using self-enhancement strategies

c. using flattery

d. finfing a shared/common enemy

4_for contingency contracts to work effectively, negotiatiors need to do all of the following:

a. find some point of difference or disagreement about a relevant aspect of the deal

b. use clear and measurable criteria

c. be able to enforce the terms of the contract

d. all of the above

5_ the following are proven sources of enchancing one’s power in a negotiation:

a. knowledge of the other party’s BATNA

b. high status

c. using punishment as negative reinforcement

d. Both A and B are correct

6_ when a group of three or more parties, each representing their own interest at resolve perceived differences of interest is referred to as:

a. a multiparty negotiation

b. a multi-issue negotiation

c. a distributive negotiation

d. none of the above

7_ the following are all challenges for multiparty negotiations, EXCEPT:

a. voting paradoxes

b. communication challenging

c. crowd behavior

d. dealing with coalition

8_ which statement(s) is/are true about gender differences in negotiation

a. on average, men claim more value than women

b. on average, women do not as for enough when they make

c. on average, men initiate negotiations more than women

d. all of the above are true

9_ the following are types of trust found in relationships, EXCEPT:

a. deterrence-based trust

b. knowledge-based trust

c. competence-based trust

d. identification-based trust

10_ third parties face a number of challenges whn attempting to intervene i which of the following are appropriate goals for a third party?

a. maintaining neutrality

b. debiasing negotiators

c. attempting to reach a pareto-efficient outcome

d. all of the above

11_ what are the main factors that lead to mistrust?

a. a breach or defection

b. miscommunication

c. over relying on dispositional attributions

d. all of the above

12_ there are two routes used to build trust. Which route is based o

a. cognitive route

b. central route

c. peripheral route

d. affective route

13_ the “fraternal twin” model as relates to power indicates:

a. that the negotiator should be aware of defense strategies to de… power or a persuasion tactic employed by their counterpart

b. other parties that they may negotiate with in the future are al… textbook chapter on power and persuasion

c. Both A and B are correct

d. None of the above

14_ the Abilene paradox is characterized as:

a. embracing conflict and discussiong it thoroughly, eve though… negotiation will consume a lot of personal time.

b. Avoiding conflict at all costs (agreement), even if it mean… for all

c. Both A and B are correct

d. None of the above

15_ humen biases that give rise to ethical problems in negotiation

a. illusion of superiority

b. illusion of control

c. overconfidence

d. all of the above

16_ one if the main reasons men claim more value in negotiation…

a. women don’t have the ability men do in terms …

b. perceived gender roles/stereotypes

c. the research stating this fact is wrong bacuse…

17_ there are five distinct mental models of negotiation. They include all … EXCEPT:

a. Haggling model, partnership model

b. Game playing model, cost-benefit analysis (decision making…

c. Problem-solving model, haggling model

d. Game playing model, strategic target model

18_ how can negotiators calibrate ethical behavior?

a. use of the front page test

b. take pointers from Bernie Madoff

c. use of the reverse golding rule

d. A and C are correct

19_ the mistaken judgment that there are more words in English … with the letter “K” than words that have “K” as the third letter de… effective problem-solving:

a. unwarranted causation

b. belief perseverance

c. availability heuristic

d. anchoring and adjustment

20_ there are several threats to effective problem-solving in…

a. the inert knowledge problem

b. selective attention

c. functional fixedness


22_the following are rules for brainstorming, EXCEPT:

a. build on the ideas of others

b. stay focused on the topic

c. have only one conversation at a time

d. be critical of the suggestions

23_in Schneider’s model of culture as an iceberg, what is visible (i.e., ab…

a. assumptions

b. values, beliefs, norms

c. behavior, artifacts, institutions

d. none of the above

24_ ulture is:

a. defined strictly in terms of geography

b. defined as the unique character of a social group, the va… its members that set in apart from other social groups

c. A and B are correct

d. Not a factor in negotiation

25_ the error that occurs when people attribute the behavior of other to un… disposition or character and discount the role situation factors is refer as…

a. the fundamental attribution error

b. ethnocentrism

c. affiliation bias

d. stereotype

26_ the universal strong liking of one’s own group and simultaneous negtioation… our-groups is referred as:

a. the horns bias

b. ethnocentrism

c. affiliation bias

d. stereotype

27_the main lesson from Mexico venture is:

a. it is not wise for Americans to do business in Mexico

b. be aware of cultural differences that may effect the negotiation…

c. it is important to impose your cultural norms on the oth…

d. none of the above

28_ the following personal attributes have been identified as pre… ercultutal negotiation:

a. conceptual complexity (i.e., can think in terms of s… black and white)

b. Empathy

c. Tolerance for differences among people