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Example Question and Answer of Business Law Case Study Examples

AW504 Business and Corporations Law


Use the ILAC format (Issues, Law, Application, Conclusion), to answer the problem-type questions below.

Q 1. Q 1. Road Measuring Professionals, a surveying company based in Newcastle NSW. Its main client is the New South Wales Government, which surveys roads under construction. Smith, Jones, and Peters have been associates in the firm for a while. They have an agreement that limits the power of the partners to contract up to $ 1 000. Mary, Sydney Engineering Supplies’ manager, has frequently purchased surveying equipment for Smith.

Q 2. Q 2. David Bradbury was a sole trader of a second-hand vehicle yard. David was banned from buying or selling used cars for five years as part of a fraud sentence he received two years ago. Contempt of court is a charge for breaching this order.

David wants to get back into the business. A good opportunity exists for him to open a second-hand dealership in a Sydney suburb. A vacant lot is also available for lease. He rushes to Invests Real estate Ltd to sign a 1-year lease worth $ 50 000, as several other businesses are interested in leasing it. The premises will be occupied by the tenant and the $ 50 000 payment is due on the 1st of February.



This paper will discuss whether Mary and Used Trucks Ltd can recover Road Measuring Professionals’ payment for the delivery of the truck and equipment.


The Partnership Act, 1892 (NSW), deals with the establishment of a partnership in Australia. A partnership is defined as an agreement between two or more people performing functions for a corporation that has a common goal of revenue. (Murray 2016, p.176).