RES 429 Week 5 Final Assignment Property Management

Property Management Plan- Putting It All Together

The Property Management Plan should demonstrate your understanding of the reading assignments as well as implications of your newly acquired knowledge. You should integrate readings, class discussions, work/life experiences, and what you have learned about property management. The Property Management Plan requires that you synthesize and reflect upon your learning in the context of the course outcomes.

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Prepare an eight- to-ten page paper (excluding title page and references page) in which you analyze what you have learned about property management and create a plan for the management of a property that you own and manage. The property can be an apartment building, shopping center, or other commercial property of your choice.

The Property Management Plan, at a minimum, should include:

Part I: Introduction and Mission
Your introduction should summarize the key aspects of the paper. You should create a mission statement to include:

  • Property name and location
  • Company background
  • Name of company
  • Organizational structure (sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, etc.)—optional

Part II: Property Management Plan
In Weeks Two, Three, and Four you developed the integral parts of a property management plan. These combined papers will serve as Part II of your Final Project and should include:

  • Property Analysis (Week Two Assignment)
  • Maintenance Plan (Week Three Assignment)
  • Competitive Market Analysis (Week Four Assignment)
    • Summary of competitive buildings
    • Regional analysis
    • Neighborhood analysis

Part III: Reflections
You should include what you have learned about property management and how you will apply what you’ve learned professionally.

You must use a minimum of seven scholarly sources, including the textbook. The Property Management Plan is due on the last day of class and must be written according to APA style guidelines.

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