Risk Management

1. What is Risk Management process? Explain from an organisational point of view

2. What is important about managing Risk from the same Organisational point of view?

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3. Discuss in short sentences, how scopes can be defined in the risk management process as mentioned in questions 1 & 2?

4. Is Risk is a known factor in every business organisation? Discuss.

5. What strategies can you put in place to minimize organisational risks? And what methods of risk management can be used to implement these strategies?

6. Discuss what should be included in risk management policies for an organisation?

7. What are the key areas for an organisation to identify and manage properly in order to have successful risk management policies and processes?

8. Why is clarity in communicating risk management plans important among stakeholders?

9. Why is it important to have support from all key stakeholders in risk management process and how that can be obtained?

10. Discuss what you understand as Risk management framework.