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Sample Scholarship Essays

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Writing scholarship essays without a prompt

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Sample Question & Answer Of Scholarship Essay Sample

Argumentative Essay on The Army as a Profession


Discuss why you believe the army isn’t a profession and what can be done to make it a real profession.


The army is a wonderful profession that allows many people to come together and make impossible things possible. The individuals who choose this path of life will be able to overcome more obstacles than other career options. Discipline, leadership, mentoring, and training are the most important qualities that must be maintained. The army is constantly changing and if the characteristics of army professionals don’t exist, then the profession of arms will be ruined. Army professionals must strive for excellence for the company’s long-term and immediate future.

A person must understand the context in which the term “professional soldier” is used to define the profession of a professional soldier. The term “professional” can be used to refer to a career or a lifetime occupation. Professionalism is defined by competence, responsibility, and corporate capability. This means that a professional military officer is highly skilled in violence management. This skill is what makes an army soldier different from common civilians (Dubik 2012).

Scholarship Essay Tips

  1. Please read and understand the instructions before you start writing. Attention should be paid to formatting requirements such as font size and font family.
  2. To begin the writing process, create a detailed outline. Make sure you include your thesis statement and supporting assertions.
  3. Use simple, clear language throughout the essay. You can change the sentence structure to add some rhythm to your writing. You can find examples of MBA scholarship essays to help you understand the language.
  4. Keep track of the words you have written. There may be a minimum word count or a maximum word count for scholarship essay contests.
  5. Standard essay formats are best. You can find examples of scholarship essays to help you learn new writing styles. Your essay should include an introduction, one to three paragraphs of body, and a conclusive section.
  6. Read the essay prompt/question again and then go back through your essay to make sure it addresses all points. You may be disqualified immediately if you fail to address any of the scholarship requirements.

Samples of Scholarship Essays

It’s best to follow a professional format and style when writing an essay in a document. Use 1-inch margins on pages, 12-point font size (or 1.5 spaces), and a “standard” typeface such as Times New Roman in classic (default). You shouldn’t use fancy fonts and colors. You want the essay’s content to be clear and distinct, not your unusual formatting.

Here is the Outline for Scholarship Essay Format:

  1. Introduction paragraph (1-2 paragraphs). Grab the attention of the audience with a first statement that is relevant to the prompt. Your article will discuss the main points.
  2. Body (1-3 paragraphs) – Go over your main points in more detail. To support your claims, you should include examples, facts, and evidence. You should tell me how you got here, what your passions are, and how the scholarship will help you achieve your academic and personal goals.
  3. Conclusion (1 paragraph). Describe how this award could help you reach your goals.

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