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Example Question and Solution for Business Law Assignment


1. Use the variables in the table to determine whether each variable is qualitative or quantitative. If it is qualitative, indicate whether it’s ordinal or nominal. If it’s quantitative, indicate whether it’s continuous or discrete.

2. Make a histogram that shows the distribution of salaries. Examine the distribution and comment on its symmetry. Is it symmetric? If not, are there any outliers? Are there outliers? Are they particularly interesting? Describe the central measure that would best describe this distribution. Also, the reason why.

3. A simple summary table should be prepared that displays the average and standard deviation in salary for each of the five work areas. Create side-by-side boxplots of the salaries. Briefly comment on any differences in the salaries at each workplace.

4. Create a pivot table showing satisfaction in each job area. In the body of your table, place satisfaction in rows and area in columns. To create a second PivotTable, convert the frequencies in each column to relative frequencies. Right-click on any number in your table and choose Summarize Values as a percentage of totals.

Based on the information in this table, what area of employment would be most satisfying for a business school graduate? Create a bar chart that compares the gender distribution in each area of employment.



Graduates from universities are being offered jobs in various positions within the company. To get a better understanding of the whole situation, we examined the factors that influence salary, job satisfaction, as well as the area of employment. Random data were collected from 150 students and a description of their current jobs.

1. Data Exploration

The sample data collected contained five variables. Qualitative variables included the area of work, satisfaction level at work, gender, and Satisfaction. Gender and area of employment were both nominal variables. Satisfaction was an ordinal variable. Quantitative variables were the number of weeks spent job hunting (Search), and Salary ($ Thousands). The salary was continuous and search was a discrete variable.

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