Strategic Recommendations Discussion Question

his assignment is due Friday March 25th by 11:59PM EST. The company I chose for my project is Virgin. I have attached the previous assignments that give insight to this question as well. This is a discussion question and only needs to be around 200 words or so.

Strategic Recommendations

Activity Context

This discussion helps you to develop the skills to mater the following course competencies: 

  • Analyze the strategic elements of organizations and their external environment applying theories and models of strategy.
  • Create a comprehensive organizational strategy assessment.

Activity Instructions

This discussion will help you further your knowledge of strategic development by:

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  • Analyzing strategic issues.
  • Formulating and proposing strategic changes for the project firm.

“Strategy has two major dimensions: positioning for the present and adapting to the future” (Jordon & Grant, p. 170). In adapting to strategic change, structures, systems, and culture are the most stable parameters of an organizational design and those that are malleable in crafting a strategic change.

For this discussion, consider changing one or more of these elements for a critical strategic issue you have identified for your project firm. Then, craft a strategic recommendation that your project firm could realize in no more than six months.


Grant, R. M., & Jordan, J. (2015). Foundations of strategy (2nd ed.). West Sussex, UK: Wiley & Sons

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