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The Unit 9 Assignment includes two parts. You will analyze professional communication in a team scenario and create a 2- to 3-minute audio response and written transcript. Keep in mind the concepts of effective communication in teams as you review the scenario and prepare both your audio response and transcript.

What is a transcript, and how do I write one?

Professional audio recordings require attention to aspects of verbal communication such as vocal tone, variety, pitch, articulation, etc. To create a professional recording, first write a transcript. You then will have the content to read and can focus on professional delivery. The transcript needs to be word-for-word of what is said in the audio recording, with a title page and reference page. Both files (MP3 and Word document) need to be uploaded for the assignment to be graded.

  1. Review the scenario. ( https://kapextmediassl-a.akamaihd.net/artsSCi/Media/CS212/2002B/imagine_you/story.html )
  2. Start with an introduction.
  3. Complete the body of the transcript by using examples from the interaction between the team members in this scenario, and respond to the questions that follow in a 2- to 3-minute audio-based response. *Make sure to integrate one source (or more) from the readings and your own personal experiences.
    • Evaluate three issues faced in the panel discussion presented in the scenario. Discuss effective and ineffective characteristics of team behaviors in the observed scenario. How effectively did this team work together?
    • What three suggestions do you have for the team to engage in professionalism?
    • In the observed situation, who do you feel should take leadership? Why? What are the benefits of having leadership on a team? What are the concerns of having leadership on a team? In this situation, what would you do to lead the team?
    • What three strategies do you have for productivity when working in teams?
  4. End with a conclusion
  5. Properly cite/reference one of the class readings in the transcript and orally during the audio recording.
  6. Create an audio recording of your transcript. The recording should be 2–3 minutes in length. There should not be background noise, and the recording should be done in one sitting and submitted as one file.
  7. Submit both your transcript (Word) and audio recording (MP3) to the Unit 9 Assignment Dropbox for grading.