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An Example Question and Solution for Assignment

HI6007 Group Assignment Education


  1. What is the standard error in estimation? What is this statistic telling you?
  2. What is the coefficient for determination? What is this statistic telling you?
  3. What is an adjusted coefficient of determination for degree freedom? This statistic and the one in part (b), tell you how well the model matches the data.
  4. Assess the overall utility of your model. What do the test results tell you?
  5. Interpret each coefficient.
  6. Do these data permit the statistician to infer that the heights the fathers and sons are linearly related?
  7. Do these data permit the statistician to infer that the heights the sons and mothers are linearly related?


Question (1a)

The questionnaire method of survey can be used to collect quantitative data and make predictions. It is also economical. This study prefers the questionnaire method of survey to reach 100 students quickly and get first and most effective answers based upon individuals.

These are some practical tips to help you write assignments.

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