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Essentials Of Writing Homework Paper

This section provides a detailed guide to assist you in writing your Homework according to the outline.

A. A.

College coursework requires you to integrate information from published sources into the writing of your Homework paper. This will give your essay more credibility and authenticity.


Do I need to paraphrase or quote?
If you are required, use direct quotations. You can use quotes from other sources when you write a paper in humanities. When you are writing an essay, it is a good idea to quote from a source. Paraphrasing can be used to take an idea from the source and not the words.

How to paraphrase a source.
Once you have understood the passage, start to write. Paraphrasing is done by looking away from the source and taking notes.


* How do I quote a source?
When quoting from a source while writing a Homework paper, two of the most critical tasks are:
1. You can signal to your readers that you are going to quote the work – usually by mentioning the name of an author in the reference.
2. To indicate the relationship between your quote and your text, make an assertion

B. B.

* Writing a thesis statement

Your thesis statement should be a promise to readers about the purpose, scope, and direction of your Homework paper. It should be included at the end, after the introduction. Your thesis statement should not exceed one paragraph if you are writing a lengthy paper. After choosing a topic, your thesis statement must be able to draw the main points of the topic. This process can be done if you have the time.

1. Write a draft of your thesis statement. Then, polish and refine it while you write the Homework paper.
2. After examining the information in your Homework, you can finalize your thesis statement.


C. Writing and revising your Homework paper:

* Introduction Your readers will begin to read your Homework paper and try to understand what it is saying and where it is going. Your Homework paper will be abandoned if your introduction is unclear and not detailed enough. Here’s how to approach writing a homework introduction.
1. Ask a question
2. Identify a debate
3. Give a comparison
4. Explain the situation
5. Problem description
6. Quote an authority
7. Cite an example
8. Create an intellectual problem
9. Provide a hypothesis.


* Main paragraphs

It is important to break down the content into paragraphs. This creates order and logic when writing Homework. You will usually include four types of sentences in your main body: the transition sentence, topic sentence (body sentence), linking sentences, and the linking sentence.


* Conclusion
Before you write a conclusion, think about what limitations your data, methods, and results might have. Consider the implications of the strongest idea in your paper. The conclusion should always be written from students’ perspectives. Your readers will want to know the contribution of your essay paper in a particular field and the benefits they have derived from it.


* Peer reviews
Ask close friends and family to read your Homework paper and give honest feedback. While you are receiving feedback on your essay paper, you should try to incorporate it into your Homework paper. However, you can’t please everyone. Keep your topic in your mind when revising your Homework paper. You should not lose the meaning of the essay question or thesis statement with which you started writing your essay paper.

D. Improve Your Writing Homework Paper Style:

These principles will allow you to communicate with your readers easily by writing clear, concise, and easy-to-understand sentences.
Use of active verb: A strong sentence should have a precise verb. So, use active verbs whenever possible when writing Homework.
Place the action in the verb: Avoid burying the action under a number of nouns, or blurring it across the entire sentence.
Avoid using wordy phrases. Keep your sentences short and precise.
Do not use noun strings If your readers don’t know the terminology (jargon), mention your phrase to avoid confusion.
Use transition A few words such as, furthermore, while here, to illustrate, but, still, that is to be certain, in conclusion, etc can be used to make strong links between paragraphs and sentences when writing Homework papers.
Be sure to understand the meaning and correct usage of a word before you use it in an essay paper.

E. Cite References In Your Homework Papers:

All academic writing projects must include the use of work from others. You must give credit to other writers if you take ideas from them. Your Homework will be deemed plagiarized if you do not give proper credit. It is important to know what style of referencing your professor prefers.

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