2-1 Discussion: Theory and Criminal Assessment


Think about the scenario you selected for your final project assignment. Select one of the cases from the FBI Most Wanted list. The case you select should be a crime similar to the scenario that you selected for your final project assignment. Compare the two cases. What are the similarities and differences? Looking through the learning or situational theory lens, what potentially influenced the behavior?

When responding to your peers, share your thoughts on the cases. Are there similarities in the crime scenes and behaviors? Explain using the situational or learning theory to support possible parallels.

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To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

1-2 Journal: Topic Selection


Hi everyone,

For my final project topic, I chose serial murder. I chose this topic because it caught my attention out of all the topics. Aileen Wuornos was convicted of killing seven men who she all claimed were self- defense. I think that because she was raped at a young age by her grandfather and brother, who she ended up pregnant by and she had no way to defend herself. I think in some way she was defending herself because it was something she couldn’t do when she was younger.

The case I chose from the FBI’s most wanted list is the case of Robert Morales. Morales is wanted for the alleged murder of two men and the attempted murder of a woman. One similarity between the two cases were that they both murdered men. The difference was the motive behind the reason they were killing men. Aileen was killing men because of the things she went through as a young girl whereas Morales a man from his own gang and attempted to kill the victim’s girlfriend.