All You Need to Know About Oxford Referencing

According to surveys, almost 80% of UK students are worried about how to cite their assignments. Many students have difficulty understanding the various referencing formats, each of which has a specific requirement. Oscola referencing is the most difficult of all formats. There are many formats available for e-books and books. This blog will help you to understand the Oxford referencing style.

How to Cite a Blog in Oxford Referencing Style?

In-text citations are required when citing sources in Oxford Referencing Style. In-text citations and footnotes should be placed in the middle of any paragraph in your text. References are written at the end, however. It may be written on a separate page depending on the instructions of your professor.

Intext Citations: How to Cite a Blog in The Oxford Referencing Style

Subscript number

Names of the author: First and last names

Name of the blog

Date of publication

Link to this blog

Date of access

To create the in-text references, you will need to follow the instructions above. Take a look at the following examples to get a better understanding.

  1. Roberts, ‘Green Revolution In the World’, Environmental Concerns [web blog], 2 February 2009,, (accessed 19th February 2009)

Requirements to Create the Reference List:

Your reference list should contain the same information. The author’s last name must be followed by their first names.

Roberts, M., ‘Green Revolution in the World’, Environmental Concerns [web blog], 2 February 2009,, (accessed 19th February 2009)

How to Cite an E-Book in The Oxford Referencing Style.

Cite the sources so that readers can find the source easily. The following should be included in your reference list:

The surname of the author

Initials of the author

Title of the electronic book

Name of the publisher

Publication place

Year of publication

Name of the database/URL

Date/month/year of access

Similar footnotes are used by the Oxford referencing system. The only difference is that page numbers must be included for each section you are referencing.

How to Cite a Dissertation using The Oxford Referencing Style?

Oxford referencing uses footnotes to cite sources at the bottom of each page. Many online Oxford reference generators include helpful functions that allow you to add the subscript number automatically.

What Your Footnotes Need to Include:

Initial and surname of the author

Italicized title of the book

Name of the publisher

Publication place


Page number

How to Cite a Book Using the Oxford Referencing Style.

Footnotes should be used to direct readers to the end of the document’s reference list for further information. If you wish to cite a book chapter using Oxford referencing style, the same rules apply. The following should be included in your footnotes:

Superscript number

The first name of the author

Last name of the author

Name of the chapter

If you have one, include the volume number and issue number.

Enter the name of the publisher, followed by the city where it was published.

Add the year

Page number

The same information is included in the reference list. The surname must be followed by your initials.

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