Assignment: Business Plan

Unit Outcomes addressed in this assignment:

  • Explain the purpose and format of the business strategic plan.
  • Investigate the specific content requirements of typical business plan models.
  • Describe the rationale for using a particular business plan model.

For this Assignment, you are required to create a business plan and pitch deck for a hypothetical medical facility of your choice. You are responsible to present this plan to potential investors (venture capital firms) to request initial capital/start-up funding.

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The pitch deck should include information about your facility including a business plan. Offer in-depth details of the type of practice, type and number of employees, estimated revenues, and expenses. Be sure to highlight why your facility will be successful and how your business plan, implemented correctly, will generate a Return on Investment (ROI) for the investors.

The slide deck should contain 10-15 slides. The slides should contain a description of your business plan, a table of revenue and expenses, ROI calculation, and any relevant graphics that help sell your pitch. Cite at least four references to validate your proposal. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines.