Unit Nine Assignment: Health Care Reform

In this assignment, you are the CFO of your health care organization and you have had regular team meetings regarding the financial impact of health care reform on your organization. However, recently you are having a problem with a promising employee. You will need to speak one-on-one with this troubled and frequently negative employee. They reject the new ideas of others; offer pessimistic suggestions on dealing with necessary changes; and frequently make comments such as “We tried that before,” It never works,” “This project is turning into a complete disaster,” or “There’s just no way we can meet a deadline like that.”

Your job in this meeting will is to turn around this employee’s attitude. Sometimes, employees use negativity to display their intelligence; you need to redirect that expertise in a more positive direction. You are afraid if their attitude becomes worse, it could be more disruptive. There is also another issue you need to deal with regarding this employee. They dominate discussion at staff meetings and resent being asked to do mundane but necessary tasks. Their immense self-regard alienates co-workers, and they seem to lack the perspective of how they are perceived by and affect other people. The employee appears to thrive on taking on authority and will often challenge a manager’s directives and be privately critical of upper management’s decisions.

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There is one thing about this employee you know deep down inside you. You know if all of these challenging behaviors can be addressed and overcome, this employee could channel all this negative energy into being a great employee for the team. Your challenge is to deal with these behaviors in the meeting and develop a plan to turn this employee around and put him back on the right track.

In this assignment, you will discuss what you would say to this disruptive employee to turn them around and get them back on the right track. You will also introduce the employees to the process of cash flow analysis, breakeven analysis, and return on investment measures, all of which play a critical role in a health care manager’s decision process. You will explain that if the attitude can be turned around, you will ask their opinion on making the necessary changes in dealing with health care reform mandates. You will briefly explain each of these financial concepts to the employee and explain how thoughtful opinions are appreciated. This challenge is a big one, but you are up to turning this employee around to the right track for success.

In this assignment, you will:

  • Describe the negative behaviors to the employee.
  • Explain the need to change the behaviors and offer help.
  • Explain that if the behaviors are changed, the employees could become involved in more finance decision-making activities.
  • Discuss the key elements in breakeven analysis.
  • Explain how opportunity relates to cost principles.
  • Discuss the role of financial analysis in dealing with health care reform mandates.