PSY-310-H5687 Criminal Psychology 23EW5: 6-1 Discussion: Predicting and Intervening


After viewing the video Anne Milgram: Why Smart Statistics Are the Key to Fighting Crime, respond to the following question: In your opinion, should decisions be made based upon intuition and experience or based purely on data?

In your response, consider how data and analytics are being used to improve the criminal justice system. In addition, how is data used to predict interventions that may be needed?

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When responding to your peers, continue to discuss the roles and limitations of data. What are the pros and cons of data-based decision-making versus intuition-based decision-making? Explain.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.


In my opinion, decisions should be made based upon intuition, experience and on datarather than solely on one or the other. Intuition and experience can influence the result of punishment and repercussions; however, data analytics can demonstrate the severity of the offense and the perpetrator. According to the TED talk by Anne Milgram, the use of instincts and experience in the criminal justice system has failed but I believe with the addition of data analytics, it can help improve the system significantly. Although, I do believe that intuition, experience, and data analytics can be flawed at times. Intuition can lead people astray because it’s not very good at picking up flaws. As for data, it can be accurate, but it can be flawed too. Overall, using all three instead of one or the other is the best way to get the better outcome to improve the US criminal justice system decision-making process.


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