PSY-310-H5687 Criminal Psychology 23EW5: 8-1 Discussion: Professional Application


Review the course outcomes found on the syllabus and required resources for this week. Share one concept that you learned in this course that you plan to apply as you enter into the workforce. As you move into the field, what role will multiculturalism play in your thoughts and actions professionally?

When responding to your peers, discuss how you think the criminal psychology field will evolve as you emerge into the field. Do you agree or disagree with your classmates’ opinions? Explain.

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To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.


Hi everyone,

I really enjoyed this class even though I found it a little difficult. I really want to thank our professor because it has been amazing having one that is so responsive and great at explaining our assignments. I do not work in the psychology field but I think the results of applying relevant psychological theories to criminal behavior in order to analyze motivation will be able to be applied in my daily life and any field I decide to go in. The ability to unbiasedly look at facts and relate them to psychological theories will help in everyday dealings with other people and will help you better understand them. As a professional it will be very important to be mindful of multiculturalism and know that there are many different cultural and ethnic groups within our society.